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Reading Intervention Tailwind Tribe

Tailwind Tribe for Reading Intervention

Reading Intervention Tailwind Tribe

Fellow teachers, authors, and publishers who love creating wonderful reading intervention resources and programs are welcome to join my Reading Intervention Tailwind Tribe. Let’s make this the go-to resource for teachers who are dedicated to improving the reading competencies of their below grade level remedial readers, special education students with auditory challenges, and English-language learners. Who says reading intervention can’t be efficient, successful, and fun!

Here’s my Reading Intervention Tailwind Tribe description:

Free resources and the best reading intervention programs to teach below grade level readers, special education students with auditory challenges, and English-language learners. Diagnostic assessments for RtI screening and placement, phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, rimes (word family) activities and games, sound-spelling cards, syllabication, decodable text, reading level formulas, reading comprehension, reading fluency, self-monitoring strategies, question/answer relationships, think alouds, text dependent questions, close reading, metacognition, independent reading ideas and contests, individualized spelling, spelling sorts, spelling songs and games, vocabulary instruction, context clues, plus Greek and Latin word parts. We are after solid assessment-based reading instruction with engaging class lessons and individualized instruction. Focus is on grades 3 to adult non-readers and remedial readers. 

How about the tribe rules? We want to support teachers first and our own interests second! I think you’ll find that they make sense. Please join if you are a teacher, administrator, author, or publisher. If you are a parent looking for reading resources for your child, you are welcome to observe, but not join. Thanks!

  1. Only post high quality, vertical pins which are specifically grammar, usage, and mechanics resources. Our focus is on grades 4-high school.  
  2. Re-pin at least 3 pins from our tribe for each that you add to the tribe (3:1).
  3. Pin at least two ready-to-use free grammar, usage, and mechanics resources (worksheets, posters, articles, videos, etc.) for each “program for sale” pin (2:1).

 Want to check out my Pinterest Reading Intervention Board (you should) before joining the tribe? We want contributions from all reading philosophies.


I’ll be looking for administrators. If you want to help out, please email me at with a link to your Pinterest board(s).


Check out these FREE diagnostic reading and spelling assessments to determine exactly which gaps to fill. These assessments pinpoint specific, teachable areas that students have not yet mastered, but need to. These are comprehensive assessments, not random samples indicating a generic “problem area.” For example, the Vowel Sound Phonics Assessment will indicate that Raphael has not mastered the Long a, ai_. For example, the Diagnostic Spelling Assessment does not indicate a problem with syllable juncture as a qualitative spelling inventory might; instead, the test would indicate that Frances does not understand the consonant-le spelling patterns.

Why not get each of these assessments plus all of the instructional resources to teach to these assessments by purchasing the the Teaching Reading Strategies and Sam and Friends Phonics Books BUNDLE? Enter discount code 3716 to save an additional 10%. Here’s an overview of this comprehensive reading intervention program: Teaching Reading Strategies is designed to significantly increase the reading abilities of students ages eight through adult within one year, the curriculum is decidedly

Pennington Publishing's Teaching Reading Strategies

Teaching Reading Strategies

Decodable Sam and Friends Phonics Books

Sam and Friends Take-home Phonics Books

un-canned, is adaptable to various instructional settings, and is simple to use—a perfect choice for Response to Intervention tiered instructional levels. Get multiple choice diagnostic reading assessments , formative assessments, blending and syllabication activitiesphonemic awareness, and phonics workshops, comprehension worksheets, multi-level fluency passages recorded at three different reading speeds and accessed on YouTube, 586 game cards, posters, activities, and games. Also get the accompanying Sam and Friends Phonics Books. These eight-page decodable take-home books include sight words, word fluency practice, and phonics instruction aligned to the instructional sequence found in Teaching Reading Strategies. Perfect for guided reading. Perfect for homework.

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