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Get more resources to help your students.

Free assessments, lesson plans, and worksheets for ELA and reading.

Grammar Interactive Notebook

Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook

Proper and Common Nouns

Verb Tents

Letter Greetings and Closings

Who, Whom, Whose, That, Which Worksheet

Verb Worksheet

Types of Sentences

Superlative Modifier Worksheets

Subjects and Predicates

Subject Case Pronoun Worksheet

Punctuation of Short Story and Document Titles Worksheet

Punctuation of Song and Poem Titles Worksheet

Semicolons Worksheet

Punctuation of Play and Work of Art Titles Worksheet

Punctuation of Movies and Television Show Titles Worksheet

Punctuation of Direct Quotations Worksheet

Punctuation of Book, Magazine, Newspaper, and Website Titles Worksheet

Punctuation of Book Chapter Titles Worksheet

Punctuation of Article Titles Worksheet

Punctuation of Apostrophes in Contractions Worksheet

Proper Noun Worksheet

Pronoun Worksheet

Pronoun Antecedent Worksheet

Progressive Verb Tense Worksheets

Present Participle Worksheet

Past Participle Worksheet

Perfect Verb Tense Worksheets

Preposition Worksheet

Parentheses and Dashes Worksheet

Object Case Pronoun Worksheet

Modifier Problems Worksheet

Linking and Helping Verbs Worksheet

Intensive and Reflexive Pronoun Worksheet

Indefinite Pronoun Worksheets

Fragments and Run-ons

Exclamation Points Worksheet

Conjunctions Worksheet

Conditional Modal Worksheet

Comparative Modifier Worksheets

Common Noun Worksheet

Commas with Speaker Tags Worksheet

Commas with Nouns of Direct Speech Worksheet

Commas with Introductory Words Worksheet

Commas with Geographical Places Worksheet

Commas with Coordinate Adjectives Worksheet

Commas with Conjunctions Worksheet

Commas with Appositives Worksheet

Commas in Letters Worksheet

Commas in a Series Worksheet

Colons Worksheet

Capitalization of Things Worksheet

Capitalization of Special Events and Historical Periods Worksheet (1)

Capitalization of Places Worksheet

Capitalization of People and Characters Worksheet

Capitalization of Organizations and Businesses Worksheet

Capitalization of Languages and People Groups Worksheet (1)

Capitalization of Holidays and Dates Worksheet

Apostrophes with Singular Possessives Worksheet

Apostrophes with Plural Possessives Worksheet

Adverb Worksheet

Adjective Worksheet

Abbreviations and Acronyms Worksheet

Final e Spelling Worksheets

Plurals Spelling Worksheets

ion Spelling Worksheets

ible Spelling Worksheet

i before e Spelling Worksheets

Final y Spelling Worksheets

ent, ence, ency Spelling Worksheet

Double the Final Consonant Spelling Worksheets

ant, ance, ancy Spelling Worksheet

able Spelling Worksheet


i before e Spelling Worksheets

Irregular Past Participles


Vague Pronouns

Subject Verb Agreement

Sentence Fragments

Run-on Sentences




Misplaced Modifiers





Abstract and Concrete Nouns

Types of Sentences

Fragments and Run-ons

Diagram Sentences

How to Address Mail

Grammatical Sentence Openers

Subjects and Predicates

Spelling Pattern Worksheet

Spelling Sort

Mechanics Worksheet

Language Worksheets

Language Conventions Lesson Page 1

Language Conventions Lesson Page 2

Language Application Writing Opener

Grammar Worksheet

Grammar Matrix

Syllable Worksheet

Syllable Transformers

Syllable Rhyming Assessment

Syllable Awareness Assessment

Suffix Vocabulary Study Cards

Spelling Pattern Worksheet

Spelling Mastery Matrix

Sentence Revisions Writer Opener

SCRIP Reading Comprehension Worksheet

SCRIP Reading Comprehension Bookmarks

SCRIP Comprehension Strategies (Connect)

Reading Resource for EssayRhetorical Stance Quick Write

Reading Fluency Timing Chart

Phonics Workshop

Phonemic Segmenting Assessment

Phonemic Isolation Assessment

Phonemic Blending Assessment

Fairy Tales

Essay Writing Rules

Essay e-Comments Download

Dissecting a Writing Prompt


Context Clues

Context Clues Worksheet

Animal Sound-Spelling Cards

Animal Fluency Passages

Analytical Rubric for Essay

Diagnostic Spelling Assessment


Conclusion Strategies Color

Introduction Strategies Color Posters

Writing Style Posters

ELA and Reading Assessments

Syllable Worksheets

Spelling Matrix

Spelling Pattern Worksheets





The Pennington Manual of Style TPMOS

parts of speech worksheets



CTOTSampleWriting Style Posters



Writing Style Posters

Grade 4 Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook: Parts of Speech and Conventional Spelling Rules Unit

Grade 5 Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook: Parts of Speech and Conventional Spelling Rules Unit

Grade 6 Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook: Parts of Speech and Conventional Spelling Rules Unit

Grade 7 Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook: Parts of Speech and Conventional Spelling Rules Unit

Grade 8 Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Interactive Notebook: Parts of Speech and Conventional Spelling Rules Unit


CCSS L.2 Grades 4-8 Spelling Scope and Sequence


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