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Free Morphology Walls

You might like my free Greek and Latin Morphology Walls in Google slides, featuring 100 high frequency/utility prefixes, bases, and suffixes from my reading intervention program. Here’s the

word part list and links to 18 slides–fully editable if you wish to add your own. https://blog.penningtonpublishing.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Morphology-List-1.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2lJ3byOfmXbGMuP9frlruKIx0ZNP_Lw7gxP9eZnh8ICE-NPlO5gcKG2Nk

If  you want the definitions and practice with these morphemes before reviewing and extending learning with these walls, get an entire year-long program of 56 lessons in Greek and Latin Morphology.

The program features high frequency word parts, cleverly combined to assist in orthographic mapping. The result is 14 key anchor words, which will help students place the morphemes in their long term memories.

The entire Greek and Morphology program is one component of The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Word Recognition.

No prep. Simply teach the morphemes and share the Greek and Latin Morphology Wall slides (or print them if you like) as review. You’ll be amazed at the morphological connections that your students make as they drag and drop prefixes, bases, and suffixes to create new words. Enjoy the lessons!

Word Recognition

56 Lessons with Greek and Latin Morphology

Greek and Latin Morphology




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